Ready-Mix Concrete

From delivering ready-mix concrete to building concrete canal linings, Crawford Associates of Blythe, California, does it all. Visit us today to view our inventory of products or to speak with a knowledgeable staff member. We are here to bring you the concrete products you need in order to get your work done and we strive to deliver great products in a timely fashion.

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Ready-Mix Concrete Delivery

ready concrete Concrete in Blythe, CA
Deliveries are made Monday thru Friday and Saturdays by request. Our delivery area covers a 100 mile radius of Blythe. We can batch and deliver 900 to 1000 yards of concrete a day. We use Portland cement and have numerous in-house mix designs, including Gunite, Grout and Slurry mixes to accommodate your needs. We have ACI certified technicians available should you need a special design mix. We also have fiber mesh and rebar available. We are California and Arizona DOT approved and are fully equipped with accelerators to set the concrete up faster, retardants to slow it down along with Davis dye for all of your colored concrete needs. We also have a 30,000 gallon chiller to cool the concrete down during our super hot summers. Should you want to mix your own we stock 94 lb. bags of regular and plastic cement.

Concrete Canal (Ditch) Linings

All of our trenching is done with special built Capital Trapezoid 830. Our canals range from a 1ft Bottom to a 6ft Bottom with side slopes ranging from 1:1 to 1.5:1 side slope. After trenching the canal we slip form line it with concrete and install water distribution structures. We have built canals in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado as well as California. We work closely with the National Resource Conservation Service to help farmers meet all their specs and to assist them in getting Grants available through NRCS. We work with many different water districts in California and Arizona and we specialize in fast-track water outages. We are your one-stop-shop for canal (ditch) linings.
concrete ditch linings -  in Blythe, CA
concrete canal machinery  in Blythe, CA